Tempus 9 Watch Winder for Automatic Watches with Touch Screen Technology

Tempus 9 Watch Winder for 9 Automatic Watches. Finished in High Lacquer Piano Black with Walnut Top. One of the Finest Six Watch Winders available with Touch Screen and Near Silent Brushless long life Japanese motor Technology. Touch Screen is beautifully designed for simple yet accurate setting. All winders are independently controlled. Remote Control. Guaranteed to wind All Automatic Watches. Programmed Rotation Routines are either Clockwise, Counter Clockwise or Both Directions 650, 900, 1350, 1800, or 2200 Turns per Day.

This Tempus 9 Watch Winder is perfect for anyone with an automatic watch collection. Designed with the advanced touch screen technology, this watch winder can hold up to 9 watches while providing reliable, precision watch winding. 2 Year Warranty.Enjoy the convenience of having your watches safely stored and perfectly wound in one sleek device. 

Size 34.5W x 18D x 41.5H cm.

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